Carbon-Fiber is lightweight, has a high tensile strength and a low thermal expansion ratio. It is most often used in in aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, military, motor sports and other competition sports where strength and weight are a factor. More can be read about carbon fiber and its properties here and here. By using Carbon-fiber, we can include a lifetime warranty because a fiber glass pool is stronger than its closest competitors such as the concrete (gunite) or vinyl-lined pools. Read our Concrete vs Fiberglass or Pool Comparison articles for more detailed advantages on owning a Carbon-Fiber Fiberglass Pool.

Can I afford a carbon-fiber composite Pool?


Cincinnati Pool Professionals provides affordable pricing, along with easy financing, making owning a swimming pool easier and cheaper than ever! We will make your backyard dreams become a reality with one important difference: this dream won’t end!

Why buy a Cincinnati Pool Professionals Fiberglass Pool?


Lifetime Warranty
Cincinnati Pool Professionals is greater Cincinnati’s authorized pool dealer. Others may offer you a lifetime seam or gunite bottom warranty but the overall pool structure is not included.

Low Cost of Ownership
The completely non-porous surface of your fiberglass pool prevents algae, calcium, and stain build up, unlike liner or concrete pools. This means less time spent on maintenance and up to $1500 savings on chemicals per year. Additionally the superior heat retention of fiberglass means less heating and electric costs for you!

1-2 Week Installation
Because our pools are built to order from the factory and require no footings we can offer the fastest installation time in the industry. Liner / concrete / gunite pools can take more than 6-12 weeks to install. This means your backyard will spend less time as a construction site and more time as a vacation spot.

No Scheduled Repairs
Liner pools will require a liner replacement every 5-10 years or when it is ripped or tearing. Gunite / concrete will need resurfacing 6-12 years. Each of these cost in upwards of thousands of dollars. Your fiberglass pool will be structurally sound for a lifetime with no scheduled repair costs.


Come pick the pool & spa of your dreams today. Start enjoying the resort life in your own backyard!


Isn’t it your turn to experience the pure enjoyment, complete relaxation, and endless hours of recreation thatcome with owning an inground pool from Cincinnati Pool Professionals?


"Joe are Mark (and all of the other folks who worked on the pool) are great to work with. They made the process easy to understand and are always available for questions. I highly recommend them - if you are even remotely considering adding a pool/spa, do yourself a favor and get in touch with these guys!"

Troy Zaerr