Concrete vs Fiberglass Swimming Pools

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Concrete vs Fiberglass

Concrete Pools: (costs are approximate)

At least 3 acid baths, plus water, in 10 years @$1,200 $ 3,600
Remarciting on time (plaster's lifetime is about 7-8 years) $ 4,200
Tile replacement $ 1,800
Chemicals at $65/mo. For 10 years $ 7,800
Electric & Gas costs at $200/mo. For 10 years $ 24,000
Pool services at $35/mo. For 10 years $ 4,200
Total $ 45,600

Fiberglass Pools: (costs are approximate)

No acid baths $ 0
No remarciting $ 0
No tile replacement $ 0
Chemicals at $40/mo. For 10 years $ 4,800
Electric & Gas costs at $66/mo. For 10 years $ 7,920
Pool service (it takes you 3 hours a month to maintain our pools) $ 0
Total $ 12,720

Total savings on fiberglass over concrete ~ $32,000!

Other benefits of Owning a Fiberglass Pool

  • Fiberglass pools never deteriorate. In fact they get stronger every year.
  • Fiberglass is 17 times stronger than concrete (flexible strength of 54,000 p.s.i.) and can accommodate a full 12 inches of movement that would destroy a concrete pool
  • The color is molded in like Corian counter tops and gives a durable finish
  • Cincinnati Pool Professionals offer a lifetime structural warranty against leaking and other defects
  • Pools from Cincinnati Pool Professionals never have to be remarcited (plastering) like concrete pools (thousands of dollars in savings)
  • All of our fiberglass pools have smooth, non-porous walls that do not harbor resident algae.
  • Smooth non-porous surface makes cleaning easier and reduces maintenance by 90%
  • Chlorine levels are maintained at .1 ppm (parts per million) versus 3.0 for concrete pools (average savings of 2/3)
  • Our fiberglass pools are built in a modern factory under quality-controlled conditions
  • We install all of our fiberglass pools quickly with minimum disruption to your home.
  • With fiberglass or vinyl you will have no more skinned knees, torn or snagged bathing suits


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